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Dywane A. Hall & Company

Dywane A. Hall & Company

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At the core of our firm is the belief that emotion free, quantifiable systems will help investors avoid poor decision making while simultaneously increasing their probability of success.

The True Meaning of "Independent"

What does it mean to provide independent financial planning services? To me it means offering access to the finest products and advice available - without being driven by any considerations other than my clients’ best interests.

With this goal in mind, I made the decision in 1984 to affiliate with LPL Financial. LPL Financial has over 12,500 affiliated financial advisors and invests and manages more than $330 billion annually. This makes LPL Financial the number one independent broker/dealer in the United States. (Based on total revenues as reported by Financial Planning Magazine June, 1996-2011).

Because it is an independent broker/dealer, LPL Financial doesn’t offer any proprietary investment products. Instead, it provides me with access to the entire universe of investment vehicles.

Because I am under no pressure to promote proprietary products or to meet any kind of sales quotas, I am able to offer my clients truly unbiased advice. I am also able to recommend an investment strategy tailored to each client’s individual needs. Within my organization we have team members with specialized skills who all work toward your goals.

Dywane A. Hall & Companythus represents the best of both worlds: a small, boutique firm with access to the resources of a large broker/dealer.

This allows me to be truly independent.