Employee Benefit Plans

Every great company hopes to take care of its employees.

Don’t get stuck paying for outdated, “one-size fits all” plans that cause frustration and fail to look after your employees.

It’s time for change. It’s time for you, and your workforce to be properly looked after by objective financial advisors.

You need an intelligent, effective plan, custom-built focusing to deliver value to your company, to your staff and their families – because you care and want to support those who are helping you manage your vision for a better future. Our team covers:

  • Renewal Negotiation
  • Plan Design Modification
  • Marketing of Benefits Plan
  • Plan Benchmarking by Industry and Location
  • Customized Employee Education and Wellness Sessions
  • Regular Utilization Reporting and Analysis (depending on group size)
  • Regular Benefits Plan Audits
  • Preferred Provider Network (PPN) Solutions
  • Disability Case Management Solutions
  • Managed Drug Formulary Services
  • Client Specific Claims Services
  • Risk Mitigation & Management Assessments
  • Customized Funding Options
  • Plan Moving & Merging Consultation Services

Employer Retirement Plan Services


Participant Education

An effective participant education program will be critical to help you comply with 404(c) guidelines. This education program is equally important so as to provide participants adequate information to assist them in making investment and fund election decisions consistent with their personal objectives, needs, and situation.

Enrollment Meetings

We provide participants with group educational meetings to discuss plan features, investment options, and provide participants with a knowledge base aiming to guide them to make better investment elections.  We offer meetings both at the time of initial enrollment and on an ongoing basis according to a schedule determined.

Fiduciary and Investment Committee Training

We can provide you with the guidelines and assist you in managing your fiduciary responsibilities and duties. We assist you with the development and ongoing functions of your investment committee and your investment policy statement.

Online Education

We can provide participants with online educational seminars which will provide information striving to help them make better investment and savings decisions for retirement. These sessions will include education on the process of making investment selections. The seminars consist of slides and voice narrations that are developed by Savant professionals. We also offer an online blog for plan participants.

One-on-one Advice

To assist individual employees, we can provide individual employees one-on-one sessions to assist them in making their fund selection and asset allocation decisions.  These on-site meetings allow more individualized questions from participants regarding funds, asset allocation, risk, return, savings levels, and direction regarding integration of the participant’s plan assets with personal assets.

Annual Review

We prepare a quarterly investment review letter discussing market events, investment results, and the market outlook. These will be made available in paper and electronic versions to plan participants.

Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.