Some people start at the top.  Some earn their way there.  Nothing was handed to Dywane; he simply answered life’s challenges with the talent, resolve, and character you’d expect from a young man born to a military family.

Initially, it seemed Dywane was going to be a career soldier.  After earning academic and athletic scholarships, he attended and graduated From Hampton Institute.  He was commissioned as a U.S Army lieutenant, partaking in eight years of rigorous duty and receiving top performance reports.   The completion of his graduate degree from Pepperdine University earned him a top assignment at the Pentagon, but his distinguished Army career as only a prelude to the financial vocation that lay ahead of him. 

As Dywane began to invest on his family’s behalf, he became fascinated by financial planning.  He noticed very few people retiring with the dignity they deserved.  So many middle and upper-middle class families lacked quality financial representation.

Who would be their Advocate?  

Dywane decided that he would.  Since 1985, Dywane has provided his experience to assist people in defining and managing for their financial goals. In a complex financial world, Dywane is here to help you pursue financial independence, a successful retirement, and a lasting legacy.

Our goal is simple; help you live a more enjoyable life with a little help from smart financial planning.

Who we serve

Real people with real questions who are committed to getting their financial house in order.
Thinking about retirement, and if you will have enough to retire (pre retirees and retirees)
Starting off on the right foot, younger investors interested in wealth accumulation
Employer retirement plans and employee benefits