We employ an active investment management process seeking to maximize each client’s returns while minimizing risk.

Our primary investment management services are objective, 100% transparent, and fee-only. Each client allocation is customized based on your return objectives, risk adversity, and tax status of your accounts.

Our Pledge

  1. All clients are unique, and should receive personalized, custom strategies
  2. Clients deserve objective advice
  3. Managing risk of loss should always take precedent over seeking maximum gain
  4. Trust and Respect should be cherished and continually earned
  5. Clients don’t need more high cost products, they need a personalized strategy to manage their specific goals

Our Investment Process

We understand that everyone has different investment goals. Our team works with you aiming to provide the best customizable strategy based on your unique financial picture. We follow three clear steps to work toward this


Step 1. Risk Profile

During our introduction we assess all extenuating factors so that our team can apply their experience. Your risk profile includes:

  • Time Horizon - Duration of your investment needs
  • Long-term Goals - Overall return objective
  • Short-term Risk Attitude - Comfort of investment volatility
  • Liquidity Needs - Projected need for distributions

Download a copy of our Investor Profile Questionnaire

Step 2. Investment Policy Statement

This ensures that you and your advisor are on the same page. It clarifies the advisor’s role and accountability.

  • Income Provision - When is income needed and for what purpose?
  • Decision Making - How your money will be managed
  • Asset Allocation Provision Diversifying your investment allocation in effort to mitigate unnecessary risk
  • Provision of Periodic Review - A written agreement of how and how often your investments will be personally reviewed.

Step. 3 Select Allocation Model

We work with LPL Financial striving to optimize client portfolio allocations based on income needs return goals, risk tolerance, and tax considerations.

By using our proprietary programs each client has a customized allocation specifically designed for their unique situation and financial goals. Each year we revisit these three steps to continually offer the portfolio allocation  appropriate for each client as their goals and financial needs change.

There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification and asset allocation does not protect against market risk.

Our process